Healthy Fats5 Ways to Add Healthy Fats to your Diet

By: Shannon Clark
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Healthy Fats - As you go about creating your fat loss diet plan, one thing that you're definitely going to want to do is make sure that you're adding sufficient healthy fats into your day. Regardless of whether your goal is to build muscle or lose fat, it's still important that you're getting enough of this vital nutrient because not only is it going to help decrease your hunger, but it's also important for promoting overall wellness and keeping your blood sugar levels stable.

1. Add Flaxseeds To Oatmeal Ground Flax in Oatmeal

If there's one source of healthy fat that can't be beat, flaxseeds are it.

They're packed with essential fatty acids, loaded with fiber, and will contain a few slow digesting carbohydrates to keep your energy where it needs to be.

To incorporate this food into your daily diet, try adding a tablespoon or two into your bowl of oatmeal. You'll hardly notice them in there but the difference it'll make to your nutrition will be significant.



2. Melt Peanut Butter into Cottage Cheese Peanut Butter Cottage Cheese

Second, another way to boost your healthy fat intake for the day is to mix some lightly melted peanut butter into a bowl of cottage cheese.

This is a quick way to increase the taste of cottage cheese, which is a fantastic source of protein but also one that many people dislike, and give your body the nourishment that it needs.

Just make sure that you're choosing natural peanut butter if possible as this contains far less added sugar and will be healthier. .





3. Spread Almond Butter over an Apple Apple with Almond Butter

If you're going to have an afternoon snack of an apple, make that snack more complete by smearing on some almond butter.

Almond butter is great for providing you with some healthy fat as well as increasing your protein content of the snack, making it very balanced for maximum appetite control.

With the healthy carbs from the apple and the fiber to keep you satisfied, this snack will easily get you through the afternoon.




4. Use Avacado in your Salad Avacado Salad

If you're someone who regularly serves up salads for dinner, one quick way to boost the healthy fat of this dish apart from using an olive oil based salad dressing is chopping up some avocado and adding it in with the vegetables.

With a very smooth and creamy texture, many people really enjoy the taste it gives off.

Avocado is often overlooked as one of the healthiest fat sources out there, so try adding it to your day more often.





5. Make Salmon Salad Salmon Salad

Finally, the last quick tip to help boost your healthy fat intake is to make salmon salad more often. Rather than going for the usual tuna salad sandwich like many people do, opt for salmon in exchange.

Salmon is a very rich source of essential fats and will still provide high quality protein to your body, so makes for an ideal lunch or meal any time.

Just do be aware that salmon is slightly higher in calories than tuna is, so just be sure to make room in your overall calorie intake to accommodate for this.

So there you have just a few great tips to get you started. Fat can be part of any diet plan provided you choose healthy and monitor your serving sizes.


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