Top 5 Best Exercises You've Never Heard of

5 of the Best Weight Training Movements you Don't see in the average Gym


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1. Glute-Ham Raises

The glute-ham raise is one of the best weight training movements for the hamstrings, glutes and lower back. The glute ham raise is a staple for athletic strength and conditioning programs around the world.

If you have not been involved in athletics, there is about a 90% chance you have never heard of this exercise before. The primary reason for this is they are best  performed with the glute ham chair.

The glut-ham chair isn't the prettiest or space saving weight machine therefore most gyms will refuse to have one in their pretty, inefficient set up of weight machines. It also lead to injury (as with most exercises) if performed improperly.

The glute-ham raise can also be performed with a makeshift setup such as a Roman chair, some pads and a spotter but it if the glute-ham chair makes for a safe and effective exercise which is great for the hamstrings, lower back and glutes.


2. Cardio on the Versa Climber

A favorite among firefighters for a reason. The climbing motion of the versa climber is a good simulation of the climbing a firefighter would have to do during a life saving mission.

The versa climber is a cardio machine which you will love to hate because every minute on the Versaclimber will progressively cause your heart rate to elevate.

The reason the versaclimber is such a great cardio machine is because the movement is vertical and whether you choose to use the Versaclimber with resistance or for speed you can have high intensity sprinting intervals which is the most effective way to increase your cardio as well as burn fat.

The versa climber is not very popular in gyms across the country because there is not enough flash to spark the interest of the casual gym goers. There is no computer screen with a fancy read out or attached LCD screen. This is unfortunate because the Versaclimber takes up very little floor space and would be a great addition for any home or corporate gym.



3. Power Ring Dips

Dips on the power rings are an exercise which will test your shoulder stabilization to the max. How important is shoulder stabilization you ask?  Very important.

In order for you to improve on many upper body lifts, shoulder stabilization is necessary for your body to perform efficient movements.

From the first moment which you hold yourself up on the rings, you will know that your shoulder stabilization is being tested. This holds true for anyone using the rings for the first time including experienced athletes, weight lifters and of course newbies.

The reason you probably have not heard of the power rings is that most gyms around the U.S. do not feel like getting sued due to injuries from improper form with exercises on the power rings.

If you feel comfortable performing body weight exercises, then the next step may be trying out some power ring exercises.



4. Bulgarian Split Squats

Where is Bulgaria?  If you know, you are probably in the 99th percentile on your geography knowledge.

Why is this important?  The Bulgarian split squat is one of the best leg exercises and best of all you don't have to live in Bulgaria to do it.

The Bulgarian split squat is an exercise which you can do at home with nothing more than your body weight and your couch (elevated surface). It is a great way to work on stabilization of your legs, balance, strength and flexibility all in one motion.

You can add resistance or an unstable surface to make the exercise more difficult or you can try to perform more reps with just your body weight keeping perfect form.



5.    Power Ring Supine Rows


The power rings are a great way to train and improve your functional strength. Body weight exercises are some of the most functional and important exercises to master.

If you cannot control your own body weight, your first goal of training should be to master body weight exercises.

Supine means facing up. Rows are the motion of pulling your hands towards you. The power ring supine row is a great exercise for the important muscles in the upper middle back, the lats, biceps, forearms and core.

The best part of power ring supine rows is you can decrease the difficulty very easily. This allows even the most novice weight trainers to use this exercise to build their functional strength.


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