Top 5 Easy Ways to Clean up your Diet

Top 5 Ways to Eat Healthier


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5. Stop Consuming CaffeineStop Drinking Caffeine

The Energy you get From Caffeine has Negatives

Caffeine is the most popular and often used drug in the entire world. It is responsible for a jolt of energy which starts the day off for possibly billions of people all around the world.

The problem with caffeine as with most drugs is it can become addictive and you can develop a dependence. You also develop a tolerance which is why 1 cup of coffee giving you jitters often turns into 3-4 cups just to wake up in the morning.

This is the case with caffeinated coffee, tea and is even worse in diet pills and nutritional supplements.

Alternatives to Caffeine

Unfortunately it is very difficult for most people to break the coffee in the morning or pre-workout caffeine habit and there are really few alternatives.

The best option is to slowly wean yourself off any caffeinated products and have a bottle of your favorite over the counter pain killer handy because breaking the caffeine addiction is literally and figuratively a big headache.

Keep in mind that when you go back to a caffeine free lifestyle your energy levels will be more stable and your body composition will improve.



4. Avoid ALL Dessert Foods

Overeating meals + Dessert = Likely Weight Gain

A healthy diet is all about eating foods which give you the most "bang for your buck."  Healthy foods are nutrient dense, therefore provide you with satiety and many nutrients while containing relatively few calories.

Most dessert foods are the polar opposite. Since dessert foods are some of the tastiest foods available it means there is a lot of what you want to try to avoid in a clean diet which is large amounts of sugars and fats.

Even if a dessert claims to be low fat or low sugar you should still avoid them. The fact is, all desserts are simply added calories which could have been burned from your stored body fat but will most likely end up on your waistline.

Alternatives to Dessert Foods

If dessert is a habit or you simply crave it after a meal there are a few options. Any free foods which contain few or zero calories are a great idea. There are thousands of varieties of teas which can provide a variety of satisfying flavors without added calories of sugary fat, yummy dessert foods.


3.    Absolutely NO Sugary BeveragesDisguised Sugary Beverage

Extremely Easy Added Calories are Just Not Worth It

Sugary beverages such as fruit juices, sodas, smoothies and even sweetened teas are some of the worst calories you can put in your body.

These added calories almost always accompany meals so drinking them is basically depositing extra fat on your problem areas.

Alternatives to Sugary Beverages

Artificial sweeteners have been around for dozens of years and they help sweeten beverages without added sugar. They do have their drawbacks but if you are used to drinking sugary beverages you should probably start to replace them with artificially sweetened beverages.

Teas are another way you can change your bad habit of satisfying your sweet tooth with sugar to a calorie-less antioxidant rich tonic which can help you maintain a healthy weight.


2. Eat More Vegetablesvegetables

You have heard this since you were a small child. Your parents almost had to force the greens down your throat when you were a little kid and nowadays you are probably forcing them down your own throat.

Everybody knows that vegetables are essential for proper health and a clean diet but the problem is actually eating them.

Adding more vegetables to your diet has numerous benefits including dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals and special antioxidants unique to each type of vegetable.

When you start to eat more vegetables your body's digestive system will begin to function more efficiently which enables your body to use your dietary calories more effectively which in turn will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

The best benefit of a diet high in vegetables is they fill up your stomach with very little calories which makes it less likely that you will eat larger amounts of fattening, calorically dense foods.

Ways to Include More Vegetables in your Diet

Fresh vegetables are not always the most convenient thing to prepare. The good news is frozen vegetables offer almost as much nutritional value as fresh vegetables and you have no excuse not to keep a bag or 2 or 3 in your freezer.


1. Prepare your Own Food Prepared Food for Lunch

The most widespread excuse for eating a poor, unhealthy diet is the lack of time.

This is often true but for the wrong reasons. It is usually not that you do not have time to prepare your own food, but that you do not plan to prepare your own food.

Eating out regardless of the quality of restaurant or fast food joint almost always has far greater calories than food you would prepare yourself.

Take some time and plan ahead and you will be forced to eat a healthy, clean diet and will not have to choose between temptations.

Alternatives to Preparing your Own Food

Even if you are not preparing your own food, planning can be the difference between having a clean diet, fat burning diet versus an unhealthy fat gaining diet.

There are usually more than a few healthy choices you can substitute for the unhealthy things you have been eating when you eat away from your own kitchen. Dietary supplements are a viable option and there are many others you can conjure up with some imagination and nutrition knowledge.


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