Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

Top 5 Ways to Lose Fat and Keep Muscle 


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5. Don't Starve YourselfStarvation Slows down your Metabolism

Not even the Most Sleek Sports Car can Function without Fuel

Many people aiming for fat loss and weight loss goals attempt to lower the caloric intake drastically.

While a drastic reduction in calories will cause you to lose weight, the most at the outset due to water weight, it is not a long term solution.

People who use starvation to lose weight gain it back almost 100% of the time.

Proper weight loss is all about elevating the metabolism with exercise while maintaining a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle which can be maintained over the course of a lifetime.



4.  Obtain a Sufficient amount of Protein in Your DietLow Carb Diets

Your Muscles are made up of Protein so Obviously you need it to Maintain your Muscle during Fat Loss Goals

This is not to say that carbohydrates and essential fats are less important but protein is what makes up your muscles.

Protein causes you to feel satiated after you consume each meal with a significant portion of protein. Dietary protein also costs your body more energy to break down burning some extra calories in the process.

A common belief is protein builds muscles which is not entirely the case. With proper training as a stimulus, dietary protein can help you build muscle.

During fat loss diets protein plays an important role in the maintenance of your lean body mass (muscle) which contributes to your metabolism.

If you lower your caloric intake while you perform intense exercise, obtaining enough protein in your diet through lean meats, dairy products, vegetable sources and protein supplements can help you keep your muscle while your elevated metabolism does the job for fat loss.



3. Keep Exercise Sessions Short and SweetIntensity vs duration solves the Puzzle of Results

Spend Less Time Working out by Exercising Smart

Intensity and duration have an inverse relationship. In other words, the longer you work out, the less intense your workout is.

Think about this the next time you are in the gym for 2 hours.

Fat loss is all about keeping your metabolism elevated so your body is constantly burning calories around the clock.

Short, high intensity exercise sessions have a high after burn. You will burn calories at an accelerated rate during the recovery process if you perform a short duration workout.

During short duration, high intensity workouts you are also highly unlikely to catabolize (break down) your own muscle as opposed to longer duration workouts provided you are not starving yourself.

Since high intensity workouts take more time to recovery you may want to mix in some longer duration, lower intensity workouts. Listen to your body and you will achieve your fat loss goals most efficiently.



2. Have proper Post Workout Recovery Post Workout Recovery Purchase AfterMax

You have a 30 Minute "Window of Opportunity" after Every Workout

Many gym goers and even clients of personal trainers make the huge mistake of not "refueling" properly after weight training and cardiovascular workouts.

After you workout your body is starving for nutrients specifically carbohydrates. In order to jumpstart your recovery and progress towards achieving your goals you must intake a good amount of carbohydrates and a little bit of protein directly after your workouts.

Many people also make the mistake of only taking protein supplements after training which is also a big mistake.

Carbohydrate not only spares the body proteins, but also helps create the blood sugar and insulin response which shuttles the protein to the micro-damaged muscles to begin the reparation process.

The misconception exists that you burn fat during and after your workouts. A proper, easily digestible (liquid) carbohydrate and protein mixture is very important to take directly following weight training and cardio workouts for people with all fitness goals including fat loss, weight loss, toning, and strength training.



1. Perform Weight trainingOvertraining Syndrome can Burn Muscle

The Primary Function of Weight Training is NOT Building Muscle

Maintaining our lean body mass is the primary function of weight training.

Even if your primary goal is to lose a large amount of weight, weight training is a great way to keep your fat burning metabolism high while you lose weight.

Many people fear weight training makes it more difficult to lose weight and burn fat but this belief could not be further from the truth.

Whether you gain or lose weight from weight training is entirely dependant upon diet. If you are on a fat loss program with a mixture of weight training and cardio and a low calorie, balanced diet weight training will help you lose weight and burn fat.

It is very difficult for men and virtually impossible for women to gain "too much muscle" from weight training. A proper weight training program including exercises for all the major muscle groups through different movement planes and ranges of motion will do orders for the human body and especially for fat loss.


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