Top 5 Fitness Icons of All Time

5 Most Influential Fitness Celebrities of All Time


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5. Kiana TomKiana Tom is a Fitness Icon

Bodyshaping Beauty

Every morning millions of people turn on TV. If you were a guy and happened to flip past ESPNs Body Shaping you stopped.

Kiana was always scantily clad and always beautiful. She pumped iron in outdoor gyms every morning for almost 10 years on Bodyshaping and later Kiana's flex appeal.

Kiana was a fitness icon because she was the first woman to show that a women can still be sexy even if she lifts heavy weights.

Kiana's Body Sculpting Book


4.  Billy BlanksBilly Blanks

Created the Tae Bo Phenomenon

Think long and hard and try to remember what aerobics classes and cardio kickboxing were like before Billy Blanks' Tae Bo.

You probably cannot think of the latter because there was no such thing as cardio kickboxing before Billy Blank's Tae Bo.

Over 100 million DVDs later, you can thank the former full contact tae kwon do champion for kicking your butt into shape.

Now Tae Bo and cardio kickboxing is a mainstay of gyms and DVD players all over the whole world you can salute Billy Blanks as the number 4 of the Top 5 Fitness Icons of All Time.

Billy Blanks T3 Transformation Program



3. Richard SimmonsRichard Simmons Fitness Icon

Pioneer of Always Energetic & Flamboyant Fitness

If you need someone to help you lose weight think no further than Richard Simmons.

Since the 1970s Richard has been very enthusiastically helping people lose weight whether it is at "Simmons" his weight loss center in Beverly Hills, California or his famous if not infamous "Sweatin' to the Oldies" workout videos.

Richard also started deal-a-meal and has written 9 books to add to his legacy as number 3 of the top 5 fitness icons of all time.

Sweatin to the Oldies Complete DVD collectionComplete Collection of Sweatin' to the Oldies



2. Jack LaLanneJack LaLanne Fitness Icon

The Godfather of Fitness

Born in 1914 Jack LaLanne has been a fixture on any fitness icon list for the past 75 years.

First gaining recognition as a successful bodybuilder before bodybuilding really existed, LaLanne, one of the most fit people in the history of the universe now at 94 exclaims, "I can't afford to die, it will ruin my image."

After bodybuilding Jack started performing athletic feats. His first notable feat was swimming the entire length of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, underwater, with 140 pounds of equipment, including two air tanks!

Currently Jack LaLanne still works out for 2 hours every single day!

Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer




1. Arnold Schwarzenegger  Arnold

Immigrant - Bodybuilder - Mr. Olympia - Actor - Governor - Icon

Arnold. If you mention the single word to anybody in the world they will assume you are talking about the man formerly known as "The Austrian Oak, the Tree that Walks like a man."

Bodybuilding, fitness, movies and the government will never be the same because of a single man and that man is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Every late February or early March the Arnold Fitness Weekend (formerly known as the Arnold Classic) which is a huge fitness expo with a bodybuilding show and more takes place in honor of the man, the myth, the legend.

Arnold has went from being an Austrian immigrant to the governor of California and only the future will tell what Mr. Schwarzenegger will do next.

One thing is for sure. Arnold will always be remembered for being a champion bodybuilder and 7-time Mr. Olympia winner before anything else which makes Arnold Schwarzenegger #1 of the top 5 Fitness Icons of All Time.


Arnold New Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding


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