Top 5 Fitness Industry Flaws Exposed

Top 5 Problems With the Fitness Industry - What's Your Take?

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5. Commercial Gyms

Corporate Gym Clown

As soon as your walk in a large commercial gym it is evident that they want you to spend money. While wanting customers to spend money is normal business practice corporate gyms take it to another level.

If they're not hard selling you a membership package which you don't need, they are trying to sell you services you don't need or products which are not worth it.

Why Commercial Gyms are Bad for the Fitness Industry

Commercial gyms are bad for the fitness industry because they often make people uncomfortable, treat their employees and personal trainers poorly and fail to help the fitness industry take a step forward.


4. Published Bro Science

Bro Science

Bro science is a term which represents anecdotal evidence which is presented as fact.

It came from bodybuilding circles where the advice from the hugest or most accomplished bodybuilder was taken as more credible than any science.

You can find bro science everywhere from magazine advertisements, internet websites and often in magazine articles.

Why Publishing Anecdotal Information is Bad

Any personal trainer can tell you that their personal experience and most of their education meant absolutely nothing as soon as they trained a client who had unique needs. Fitness is very individual and most anecdotal information is invalid for its readers and the readers haven't the slightest clue.



3. Inconsistency


What is fact and what is fiction is often hard to distinguish in the fitness industry.

Since the fitness and dietary supplement industries are based on the human body which differs vastly from person to person, inconsistencies are bound to exist.

Exercise science is not an exact science like math or physics. There are always going to be differences of expert opinion but as mentioned in #4 experts often times aren't experts at all.

Anybody working within the fitness industry can tell you how prevalent inconsistencies are.   Due to this fact inconsistencies are going to remain a flaw of the health and fitness industry for a long time.

What can be Done about Fitness Industry Inconsistencies

There are so many authorities dealing with health and fitness such as the ACSM but none have really put their foot down. The issue deals with the business aspect of the fitness industry, so perhaps government intervention would be the best option. Perhaps the President's council on Physical Fitness & Exercise can exert their authority?


2. Lack of Government InterventionFDA and FCC Suck for Fitness Industry

Couple the fitness industry with the dietary supplement industry and you have two multi-billion dollar industries which have pretty much been allowed to run wild.

Except for the occasional supplement or fitness product which is banned for being dangerous, companies have free reign to make any claims they like to sell products.

From late night infomercials to advertisements in fitness magazines, especially on dietary supplement labels, you can find a plethora of questionable and even downright false claims.

Many products are basically swindling the hard earned money out of American's pockets.

What can be Done about it?

Many countries use their government agencies to regulate their dietary supplements and regulating dietary supplements with the FDA (in the USA) would be a good start. The FCC shuts down some outlandish commercials for suspect products but it could do a better job. Overall, education for the consumers is probably the best solution.


1. Pre-Selling ResultsSix Pack Scam

From gyms hard selling memberships to people who will probably not use them, to commercials for as seen on TV fitness products to supplement companies advertising the latest "fat burner, and even personal trainers selling their training sessions up front, pre-selling results is the #1 flaw of the fitness industry.

Perhaps everyone who works in the fitness industry is guilty of this to some degree but it is disturbingly apparent in come cases. Most products related to fitness are sold so it looks like the final result comes automatically and this is far from the case.

Why Pre- Selling Results is the #1 Flaw of the Fitness Industry

As mentioned before, pre-selling results is done in many industries but in the fitness industry it is especially bad because it can have long term effects on people.

People who buy products that promise quick results and fail often give up and never get the results they want.


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