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5 Most Often Asked Questions in the 1st Year of


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5.Personal Trainer Q & AHow do I get rid of Loose Skin ?Personal Trainer Question and AnswerLoos Skin on Fatty

While most people are struggling with losing weight there has been a surprising number of questions about the loose skin which is often a result of losing a lot of weight.

Most Common Answer

The first step is to analyze your body to see if your loose skin is actually that or just excess body fat.

If your body fat is low and you still have loose skin unfortunately the only viable option is to opt for skin reduction surgery.


4.Personal Trainer Q & AWhat is the Best Protein to Gain Muscle ?Personal Trainer Question and AnswerProtein Supplement for Muscle

Oh Protein.   Most avid weight lifters are addicted the minute they set foot in the gym to pump iron.

Simple association leads to the idea that if you want to build muscle which is made of protein so obviously have to take the confidently labeled (10lbs) protein supplements right?

Most Common Answer

Whey protein is a very high quality protein. The majority of whey powders have a high biological values which are on par with the highest quality animal proteins you can get in diet.

What does this mean?  It simply means the limiting factor with your protein powder choice is not the actual protein, but the rest of the jigsaw puzzle which is your diet, training and rest.



3.Personal Trainer Q & AHow do I get rid of my  Man Boobs ?Personal Trainer Question and AnswerMan Boobs

Many men are self conscious about their perceived "man boobs" or "moobs."

Whether they notice or someone else notices, "man boobs" are a matter of perception.

While some will call a bodybuilder's huge ripped pectorals "man boobs" others will just recognize big chest muscles.

Often times "man boobs" refer to the excess calories in the diet which leads to fat buildup. This excess fat is stored in the skin which covers the chest muscles and can lead to a woman's breast like appearance.

Most Common Answer

Weight training exercises are almost never the solution to get rid of "man boobs."  If you have excess fat and a saggy woman-like chest, no amount of bench press, chest flies, or push-ups will reduce the "moobs" alone.

Step 1 in "Man boobs" combat is to get the body fat estimated. If it is higher than average, a healthy, balanced fat loss diet and exercise program will help reduce the "man boobs" over time.

If you range in the lean category of body composition, a visit to the doctor for some blood tests is the only way to find out if you have hormonal problems such as gyno.


2.Personal Trainer Q & AHow do I Reduce my Stomach Fat ?Large Mid SectionsPersonal Trainer Question and Answer

Perhaps your relatives having a difficult time recognizing your stomach from your pregnant wife's made you want to lose some inches around your mid-section.

Everyone wants to know the mystery of reducing stomach fat. Millions of people try with the newest gimmick ab machines, crash diets, and fancy exercise programs.

Most Common Answer

The least commonly practiced way to reduce stomach fat is the only way to reduce stomach fat.

It Takes Time:  Thanks to certain genetic coding many people store extra fat in the mid-section which happens to be the last place which fat loss is noticed simply because Besides a balanced diet and training, reducing stomach fat often boils down to a simple decision you can easily make...

Should I spend 30 minutes doing crunches or 30 minutes on the stairmaster?

Just in case you don't believe that ab exercises will not do very much for your "pooch," pouch," "ponch" or beer gut you can knock yourself out  with...


1. Personal Trainer Q & AHow do I Loose Weight ? Personal Trainer Question and AnswerThe Biggest Loser

Loose is not a Type-O. At 10 times a week someone asks how they can loose some weight.

The question answers itself. If you can't even spell the word, how are you going to lose weight?

At least 10 questions a week come in with "loosing weight" as the subject.

The prevalence of the question goes further to back up the claims which deem most of our population overweight.

Most Common Answer

Every person's weight loss situation is unique but you can simplify them by using the simple scientific truth of the 1st law of thermodynamics which basically states, if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight and vice versa.

There are various ways to create the caloric deficit needed to lose weight permanently but the most simple and relevant way to answer the question of how to lose weight is eat to less, exercise more or preferably a combination of both.


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