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5 Best Ways to Use Your Tax Refund to Improve your Health


5. Go OrganicOrganic Foods

But Pesticide is so Delicious ?

Whether you currently eat all organic fruits, vegetables and grains or not, you can use your tax refund to start eating healthier.

Organic food has been known to be free of pesticides, hormones and is not genetically modified.

On an interesting note, many alternative treatments for cancer use a diet which consists strictly of organic fruits and vegetables.

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4. Go on a Fitness Retreat Fitness Retreat

It's Like Summer Camp All over Again

While you may likely picture yourself having a horrible time at a "fat camp," fitness retreats are becoming more common these days.

Fitness retreats are a way to leave your stress behind for a healthier lifestyle in surroundings which are vastly different from your current settings.

Whether you hiking in a forest, running on a tropical beach or riding a bicycle across a foreign country a fitness retreat will lower your stress levels and help you drop some pounds in the process. Fitness Retreats



3. New Home Exercise Equipment

Not another Piece of Junk in your Closet

Fitness Equipment

In the past you may have fallen for the latest gimmick on the late night infomercials but no more.

Educate your self about the best, affordable exercise equipment which can be used every day in your own home to achieve your fitness goals.

Use your tax refund to get in better shape so next year you can be stressed about your taxes not how out of shape you are.

The Best Home Gym Equipment is Not Always The Most Expensive



2. Gym Membership / Personal TrainerPersonal Trainers

Not what they Used to be

If you still haven't joined a local gym your tax refund can give you the extra little cash you need to finally get the gym membership.

There are usually a ton of membership options which you can choose from, often finding with multi-year memberships and cheap renewals for a set fee.

Many gyms are giving away free personal training packages along with their memberships as well. This enables you to try out working with a personal trainer with no extra investment.

If you already have a gym membership, hiring a personal trainer as your fitness role model and motivator can help you drastically improve your health. Personal trainers are now specialized to help a variety of people including you succeed in achieving specific goals.

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1.    Save It !Piggy Bank

Honesty is the Best Policy

Not saying the first 4 of the top 5 ways to use your tax refund are bad but you have always known that saving your money is the best option.

Saving your money will not only allow you to pocket a little interest, but it will give you the piece of mind to know you can make a big investment in your health in the future if the situation is right.

The fact is, money has little to do with how fit and healthy you are. You can have all the money in the world, multiple gym memberships, personal trainers, and exercise equipment and if you're too stressed to exercise they are all worthless.

Save your tax refund money and find ways to motivate yourself to be healthy and feel great while you accrue interest off your hard earned tax refund.

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