Top 5 Male Celebrity Physiques

5 Famous Dudes that Make Everyone Else Jealous


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5. Carrot TopCarrot Top Physique

Not your Average Vegetable

He currently headlines at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, and performs various comedy gigs when his show is not playing.

His comedy routine incorporates dozens of props stored in large trunks on stage; his prop jokes commonly consist simply of him pulling out a prop, describing it in a one-liner, and tossing it away.

Many of his props are specially built objects. When Carrot Top is not on stage he is hitting the weights had to become one of the top 5 most impressive celebrity physiques.



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4. Brad PittBrad Pitt

In 1995, Pitt was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 25 sexiest stars in film history. Pitt has also twice been named the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine.

Pitt was also prominently featured in the December 2006 Art Issue of Vanity Fair. He appears on the cover in nothing but a pair of white boxers

The cover promotes an article on the Robert Wilson video portraits, a production of LAB HD that includes numerous celebrities and noted personalities. This cover has drawn criticism from Pitt because, although he had signed a release for the image, he did not expect it to end up on the cover of Vanity Fair more than a year later.

The video portrait, which represents Pitt's first effort in avant-garde cinema, was exhibited at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.

See Brad Pitt show off his Physique in Fight Club



3.  Mathew McConaugheyMathew mcconaughey

Mr. Chick Flic

When Mr. McConaughey is not acting in some cheesy chick flics, he is often photographed by paparazzi leading a very active lifestyle. He has also trained with celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson.

This Hollywood Superstar is not just an actor.

McConaughey rescued various pets, including cats, dogs and hamsters, that were stranded after the flooding of New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina.

In 2006 in Sherman Oaks, California, he rescued a cat from two youths who had doused the animal in hairspray and were attempting to light it on fire.

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2. Mario LopezMario Lopez

AC Slater aka the Man who Doesn't Age

Mario Lopez is an actor, television personality, dancer, and all-around entertainer who is perhaps best known for his roles on the popular comedy series Saved by the Bell and Dancing with the Stars

He is also a host of Extra’s Weekend Edition and the Miss America and Miss Teen USA pageants. Viewers around the world have come to love his electric personality and charm. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

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1. L. L. Cool J LL Cool J Platinum Workout Order from AMAZON

Rappin', Actin',  Writin'

LL didn’t always have a diesel body—he chiseled it the old-fashioned way, with hard work and discipline.

In his book, LL Cool J's Platinum Workout he shares "the secrets of his transformation in a uniquely creative, yet no-nonsense regimen—enlivened with humor and sheer force of personality—that will inspire readers to enjoy working out as never before, while building a body they never thought possible."


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