Top 5 Reasons Why It's So Hard to Lose Weight


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1. You are a Victim of the Year 2000Conan

This age of technology is creeping up to everyone. Whether you are answering emails on your blackberry, watching your favorite reality TV show, or trying to figure out how your new TIVO works, for most people physical activity has taken a back seat to sitting on our own seat.

A healthy way to deal with this is to find a specific time for physical activity and never deviate from it. This means you will always be active and never get caught in long periods of inactivity and your metabolism will not slow down to a standstill.


2. It's Your Parent's Fault!

Your your parents may have given you a set of genes which you don't want to fit into. Even if this is the case, hard work and dedication can usually mold your body the way you want.

What is really frustrating is how you were taught to eat everything on your plate while growing up. Your parents grew up in an era where food was not in every nook and cranny in every city.   Back then you had to eat everything on your plate. Now you can blame your excess calorie consumption on them because you still unconsciously eat everything on your plate. Nowadays with super giant portions everywhere the best philosophy may be to be wasteful.


3. Your Exercise Program Stinks

There is multiple factors which can constitute a "stinky" exercise program. The numero uno factor is not even getting to the gym. If you get to the gym on a regular basis it may not even be enough.

To get your body to change to the way you want it requires workout intensity. With regards to cardio, your workout intensity means how high you can maintain your heart rate. In regards to resistance training, the intensity is determined by the amount of weight you lift for your desired, specific rep range.

The quantity of time you spend in the gym should always take a back seat to the quality of your workouts. Whether you have a personal trainer, or your favorite tunes on your iPod, find motivation which will help you increase your workout intensity to accomplish your goals.


4. You Eat Out Too Much

If you eat out at any restaurant you can be rest assured one thing. There will be significantly more calories in your meal than if you prepared your meal at home.

Restaurants stay in business because their food tastes good. Restaurant food usually tastes good because of the added calories. Unfortunately the added calories come in the forms of sugars and fats.


5. You Focus on Diets rather than Nutrition

Does it ever get old?  You get in decent or even great shape at one time and you feel great. Over time you let yourself go and all of a sudden it seems, you are back where you started or even worse.

This can be largely due to inconsistency in your nutrition. If you have tried any "diet" in the past couple of years you know what we mean.


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