Top 5 Signs You Are Eating Healthy

5 Wanted and Unwanted Side Effects of a Healthy Nutrition Plan


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Fruit Flies means Healthy Fruits and Veggies5. You have Flies!

Why Fruit Flies are a Sign of Healthy Eating

If you have been noticed that no matter how careful you are to dispose of fruits and vegetables you still have a contingent of flies buzzing around your kitchen, it may be a sign you are eating healthy.

Fruit flies especially like rotting fruit peels. If you have fruit flies, you most likely have eaten fresh fruits and vegetables recently which are the most important thing to include in anyone's healthy diet.

Since antioxidants fight free radicals and help in anti-aging, you will notice the most anti-oxidant rich fruits or vegetables produce the fruit flies with the greatest longevity. This is simply the case of the anti-oxidants fighting off the free radicals produced by the flies high activity level (flapping wings) and allowing them to live longer.



4. No need to Hit the Snooze ButtonProper Rest helps prevent Injury

Why Having Energy when you Wake up is a Sign of Healthy Eating

When your diet is optimal for your lifestyle your body will begin to adjust. Eating healthy foods at regular intervals will help your body set its metabolic functions properly.

A healthy diet consisting of healthy food evenly spaced out throughout the day will keep your body running on schedule.

When you wake up and you are ready to start your day without necessity or caffeine, there is a good chance you are eating healthy.


3. Improved Physical PerformanceImproved Performance

Why Proper Improved Physical Performance may be a Sign you are Eating Healthy

Contrary to popular belief you achieve your results when you feed your body and rest properly, NOT during the training itself.

This being said, physical performance improvements are limited by the energy which you supply your body with.

If you begin to notice unexplainable improvements such as better endurance and increased strength it is a good sign you are eating healthy which is allowing your body to perform at a higher level.


2. You have Tons of EnergyEnergy

Why Extra Energy is a Sign you are Eating Healthy

When you eat healthy your energy levels are more stable because your digestive tract does not work overtime and rob energy from the rest of your body.

If you have recently noticed that your energy levels are greater than normal without diet pills or excess caffeine, you may have finally found the optimal diet for yourself.

Having tons of energy is a good sign your body is functioning optimally and you are performing the optimal amount of exercise, resting enough and are eating a healthy, nutritious diet.


1. Weight Comes off Easily

Why Weight Loss is a Sign you are Eating HealthyWeight is Flying Off

Weight loss is accomplished by eating less calories than your metabolism burns throughout the day.

If you notice you are losing inches around your waistline without dieting it is a sign that your are eating healthy.

Healthy foods are mostly nutrient dense and low calories. Healthy meals contain a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber. Eating healthy meals satisfies your hunger with less calories than unhealthy meals.

A focus on healthy eating can dramatically help weight come off easily.


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