Top 5 Surprisingly Bad Health Behaviors

Top 5 Bad things for Your Health you May Not Know


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5. Flying an American AirlineUnited Airlines SucksAmerican Airlines Sucks

Does Anyone Think Otherwise ?

The airlines in the United States have a very poor reputation and for a good reason.

They fail to deliver on almost all of the things which make dealing with any company a pleasurable experience.

Even if you don't get your arm broken in the aisle seat by the hips of the overweight flight attendant there are many other reasons flying on American airlines is bad for your health.

If exposing our body's to the germs of a couple hundred strangers in a metal tube with poor ventilation isn't enough, then we have to cope with the stress of cramped quarters, poor food and service.


How to not Let American Airlines Ruin Your Health

If domestic travel on American airlines is not a choice but requirement the best way to not let the terrible service and inconveniences stress you out is to practice relaxation techniques. Another way to lessen the stress of flying American airlines is to make sure you plan everything out well in advance to get most comfortable flight experience.



4. Eating Low-Fat / Low-Carb FoodsLow Fat and Low Carb Light Foods Stink

Low-Carb usually means High Fat and Low-Fat Usually Means High Carb

It may sound confusing and that is because it is. Many foods which are labeled to be low in a specific nutrient are high in another.

Sometimes this will be evident on the label like when you see huge amounts of sugar take the place of large amounts of fat on products like "low-fat" ice cream.

Other times it will be hidden. Due to the FDA labeling requirements, companies have found ways to sneak extra fat in foods without having to put them on the label.

For example, look at the ingredients of some low-fat or even fat-free products. Even though the label says 0 grams of fat per serving, mono- or di- glycerides are listed on the ingredients.

Tri-glycerides (body fat) does not make an exception and will gladly accept these hidden dietary fats and store extra fat on your body. This is just one example but you can find many in these processed foods that can be bad for your health.


How to Naturally Eat a Low Fat and Low Carb Diet

The good news is almost everyone already knows how to eat a healthy diet which will be moderate carb and low fat.

Eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables will help you avoid unnatural low-fat and low-carb processed foods.

Learn Why Nutrition (besides the obvious reasons) is Crucial for Fitness Success



3. Not Getting Enough RestNot Getting Enough Sleep

Rest is an Ally in your Body's Battle against Stress

Stress can be good and it can be bad for our bodies. Positive stress or eustress such as exercise taxes our bodies but helps us deal with distress or negative stress such as being effected by the common cold or being yelled at by our boss.

Carbohydrates supply your body with the needed fuel for the intense exercise you need to sculpt your body to its desired shape.

Without sufficient carbs your body will be low on energy and your exercise will not be intense enough to accomplish your fitness goals.

Most importantly, your brain which is fueled with glucose (blood sugar). If you eliminate carbs from your diet your brain will suffer and we all know that your body does what your brain tells it so do not eliminate carbs from your diet.


How to Get Better Rest

There are many theories about how to get better rest. While this may depend on the individual there have been numerous studies which have tried to determine how to get the best rest possible.

Harvard Sleep GuideHarvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night's Sleep



2. Exercising Too MuchOverreaching leads to Overtraining Syndrome

Yes, You can have Too Much of a Good Thing

Most people wish they had the problem of exercising too much. Even though exercise is a positive stress to our body if the amount of exercise exceeds our body's ability to recover it can become a negative stress and lead to sickness and injury.

Exercise and rest go hand in hand. If you exercise intensely your body will need adequate rest and nutrition to recover. If you do not get enough rest, not only will your exercise performance decrease, you could break yourself down and develop overtraining syndrome.

Overtraining syndrome can be a serious condition. Since overtraining does not develop overnight but over the long term knowledge of your own body is essential to avoid overtraining and keep your exercise as a positive stress on your body.


How to Know when You are Exercising Too Much

Many signs exist of excessive exercise but the most important sign is how you feel. If you have been exercising more often than usual and you feel general fatigue it is a good idea to stop and take a rest.




1. Having Desk / Office JobOverwhelming Office Work

More Reasons to Hate your Office Job

You most likely already know that a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet can cause many problems with your health.

What you may not know is sedentary jobs can cause many problems with your musculoskeletal system which can lead to more problems with your body and your body's systems.

Sitting for long periods of time not only can cause certain muscles to become weak and atrophied, but also it can cause your body's internal organs to malfunction.


How to Make your Desk Job More Healthy

Most workplaces have ergonomic specialists who periodically visit. Most of what they say should not go in  one ear and out the other. Your company pays these specialists good money to keep their workforce healthy and productive so listen to what they have to say.

If you do not have the benefit of having an ergonomics specialist handy there are many sources of information out there to help you. Most importantly have a regular exercise program which includes flexibility, cardio and strength training.

Posture ProblemsClick Here to Learn How The Sedentary Lifestyle May Have Impacted Your Posture


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