Top 5 Toughest Olympic Events (Summer)

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5. BoxingOlympic Boxing 4 Rounds Tough Event

Who Feels like Getting Punched in the Face?

Boxing was first accepted as an Olympic sport in the year of 688bc.

The only reason why Olympic boxing is not the most difficult event is because it only lasts for four 2 minute rounds with 1 minute breaks in between.

The men only boxing Olympic athletes also wear protective head gear.

Since the matches are so short they require the athletes to execute their gameplan flawlessly.

No wild punches or uncontrolled actions will help an Olympic boxer achieve their goal of Olympic gold.

How Tough is it to Get Olympic Gold Medal in this Event

In order to win Olympic gold in boxing the fighters must outpoint, or knockout every opponent which requires amazing speed, quickness, power, and all other physical characteristics to go along with world class skill.

It takes many qualifying matches to just get into the Olympics. Once there, a single elimination tournament which requires flawless execution is the only way to get an Olympic gold medal.



4. Weight Liftingolympic weight lifting

250 Pounds is Heavy... 250 Kilograms is VERY Heavy

Think how difficult holding 500 pounds above your head would be?

Now imagine lifting it off of the floor to the position above your head!

Olympic weight lifting is lifting for quintessential power. It consists of the clean & jerk and snatch.

Different forms of lifts which require the same feat, lifting a loaded barbell over your head in an explosive manner.

Olympic weight lifters compete against each other in different weight classes.

How Tough is it to Get Olympic Gold Medal in this Event

To easily put in perspective how tough it is to get an Olympic gold in weight lifting consider the women's world record for clean and jerk set in 2004.

Tang Gonghong from China competing in the 165 pound (75kg) weight class clean & jerked 400.4 pounds(182kg)  over her head with her arms fully extended.


3. Water Polowater polo olympic event

Have You Treaded Water for 28 Minutes lately ?

Water polo has been an event in the summer Olympics since 1900.

Water polo is a strategic and physical event which requires extreme muscular endurance.

In addition to staying afloat by treading water, the athletes must swim many different strokes while they catch, throw the ball.

If it does not sound difficult enough already, there is another team trying to prevent you from scoring.

Water polo is non-stop intense physical activity. There are no referees under water and the splashing water hides the numerous violent collisions of bone on flesh under the water also.

How Tough is it to Get Olympic Gold Medal in this Event

It is easy, first qualify against tough international competition, then win the summer Olympics tournament against elite international competition.


2. Freestyle WrestlingAlexander Kerelin Most Impressive Athlete

1 on 1 with the Weight of Your Country on Your Back

Wrestling is the one of the toughest Olympic events because only the judges can factor in the outcome of the match outside of the competitors themselves.

Wrestling is one of the original Olympic event of ancient Greece in 776BC.

Olympic wrestling pits the most powerful, strong, skilled and meanest athletes in the world in a competition to slam each others head into the ground.

Olympic wrestling involves three, 2-minute periods of the most demanding physical activity known to man at the highest level.

How Tough is it to Get Olympic Gold Medal in this Event

Consider that in order to claim a single victory an Olympic wrestler must summon every last ounce of strength and will and then multiply it.

In order to achieve Olympic gold a wrestler must win 4 or 5 matches in a single day.


1. DecathlonDecathlon

10 Separate Track & Field Events over 2 Consecutive Days

Each year the title of "world's greatest athlete" is given to the gold medalist in the decathlon for a reason.

The decathlon is 2 days of an extremely challenging arsenal of track & field events. The decathlon is scored by points which are accumulated for placing in each of the 10 events.

Not much more needs to be said about the decathlon except for a list of the events which are involved.

Day 1
  • 100 meter
  • Long jump
  • Shot put
  • High jump
  • 400 meter dash


Day 2
  • 110 meter hurdles
  • Discus
  • Pole vault
  • Javelin
  • 1500 meter


How Tough is it to Get Olympic Gold Medal in this Event

To get a gold an athlete must be physically elite in running, jumping, vaulting and throwing.

A gold medal requires world class explosive muscle strength, speed, agility and jumping ability on the 1st day and superior technique and endurance during the 2nd day. The the clock, or measuring stick never makes a mistake which the athlete can fall back on.

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