Top 5 Ways for Oprah Winfrey to Lose Weight

Top 5 Ways Oprah should Lose Weight


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5. BuddhismMindfullness Buddha

Buddhist Mindfulness can Help Weight Loss

Regardless of who you are, where you live, which religion you practice or how much money you have, the teachings of the Buddha should be known.

Much like Oprah, Buddha (before he became the Buddha) had everything but what he did not have is what he really wanted. Oprah obviously wants to lose her excess weight and even her billions of dollars does not seem to be helping her.

Learning the teachings of the Buddha and the simple concept of mindfulness is one of the top 5 ways for Oprah Winfrey to lose weight.

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4.  Fire Personal ChefOprah and her Chef of 10 Years Art Smith

Change is Necessary

For over 10 years Art Smith has been the "personal chef" for Oprah Winfrey. It is a long time to maintain a professional relationship and if Oprah wants to lose weight, a change is necessary.

While you cannot put 100% of the blame on the chef, there is no doubt Oprah would benefit from a change in the type of chef who prepares her food.

There are many different types of personal chefs and Oprah needs a specialist in making healthy, clean food which is low in calories more importantly than high on taste.

Even if Art Smith is the right chef for the job, professional relationships usually become stagnant after a while and Oprah should take the initiative and find someone who more suits her goals.



3. Hire a Real Personal TrainerOprah Working the Cable Crossover

Compatibility is Key with Personal Trainers

You may have seen Oprah's latest workouts in your favorite issue of Fitness & Fiction magazine or seen her latest interview with her trainer on her show but her past experience has obviously not helped in the long run.

The problem with any personal trainer who works with Oprah is her celebrity. Celebrity personal trainers most likely specialize in treating, rather than training celebrities to get results.

This makes sense because a paycheck is what puts money on the table and pays rent.

The best help for Oprah in her quest to lose her excess weight is to hire a personal trainer who is not used to training celebrities. A personal trainer who is able to treat her like one of the millions of average people in the US trying to lose weight.

Oprah needs a personal trainer who is hard on her and does not put up with any super-rich celebrity excuses. Oprah needs a trainer who is a hardcore down to the bone fitness freak.


2. Kick it Old SchoolOld School Oprah

Believe it or Not, Oprah Winfrey has Not always been a Gazillionaire

At her peak Oprah weighed over 200 pounds. While it may almost be the most difficult to do, Oprah needed to get back to her roots (no pun intended).

If Oprah really wants to lose weight and keep it off, 5-star candlelight dinners with Stedman should become a thing of the past.

Oprah should analyze her diet and activities and think about what would be different if she were the same person struggling to get an acting job years ago.

As she has proven before, it is not impossible to take some time off and head to a fitness retreat or simply take a vacation to dedicate to her own health and physical fitness while avoiding expensive gourmet calories.

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1. Stop Looking for the Easy WayAnother Supplement which Hasn't Worked for Oprah Out

Sacrificing some Advertising Revenue is Necessary for Oprah to Lose her Unwanted Pounds

Even the casual viewer of the Oprah Winfrey show sees dozens if not hundreds of advertisements for the latest "miracle," or "secret" breakthrough in dietary supplements or diets.

And that is if the subject of the show does not involve the subject. Oprah is most likely bombarded with hundreds of these products a day trying to get her endorsement.

Oprah should take the same approach that everyone else should which is to realize that the reason why there are so many "miracle" weight loss type supplement is because none of them really work for the long term.

The Top way for Oprah Winfrey to lose weight is to never again even think about another diet supplement, or fad diet and get back to basics which is a physically active lifestyle and healthy nutrition.


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