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Top 5 Ways to Curb the Cravings

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Five Steps to Kill the Cravings

We all have our weaknesses and temptations. For me there's one thing I still find it hard to avoid; and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. It's hard to tell if it's years of habit, the ready availability of this temptation, or a genuine demand from my brain, but come mid-afternoon I automatically can think of one thing – CHOCOLATE.

I want it, I need it, I must have it.

And so I do. Or at least, I used to.

You might not be a chocoholic, but I'll bet you've experienced some sort of temptation; and whether it's a regular urge or not, the fact is that when those feelings of desire overwhelm you it can be difficult to resist.

But here's the good news - just as you can learn how to still your mind and wait just one, two, three, even ten seconds longer before giving up on that tough set in the gym, you can also learn how to overcome those sweet cravings and wait those extra minutes or hours until the sense of urgency has passed.


1. Stop the Cravings Before they Show Up

Many of my clients – even the healthy eaters – rely heavily on carbohydrates in preference to proteins and fats; however, protein and fat are a crucial part of your diet, because they form the building blocks of your hormonal system, and without them your body cannot perform all it’s metabolic duties.

When you don’t include natural, whole sources of protein and fat in your main meals, or only do so from time to time, your body starts sending distress signals telling your brain to get nutrition immediately.

And, typically, sugar is what you’ll crave because it provides a quick fix (followed by a quick slump leading to further cravings). Therefore, if you lay the foundations by including protein and fat at breakfast and lunch, the sugar cravings will gradually stop.


2. Remove Temptation or Remove Yourself

Out of Site, Out of MindThe bottom line is that all too often it is too easy to dip into the biscuit jar or sweets bag when everyone else is doing it.

So clear your office space of those sweet devils or if that’s impossible then at mid-afternoon munchie time YOU steer clear of that area yourself. Even if it means you have to sit in the toilet cubicle for 15 minutes.

If you work from home, keep a rule of no sweets in the house. That way you’ll have to make the effort to go out, and this is easier to talk yourself out of. It might sound simple, but it works.


3. Brush Your Teeth

Brushing TeethWe’re conditioned to understand that freshly brushed teeth mean food is behind us. Try this simple distraction technique as soon as the sweet urge hits you.




Stay Busy


4. Stay Busy

Ever noticed you always seem to eat more junk when you’re having a slow day? Make mid-afternoon (or whenever your cravings hit) your ‘super-productive’ time.

Schedule meetings for this time, run errands, do housework – just do something that requires you keep moving and that typical temptation time will pass by just a little bit faster.


5. Get (true) Satisfaction

True Satisfaction from Food

Once the cravings set in, they’re only going to get worse until your body gets what it needs. But guess what? True satisfaction means real food, in all its glorious richness.

Try indulging with a small piece of quality cheese, some avocado with sea salt on thinly sliced sourdough, or some natural nut butter with celery sticks. The key here is to go for fat or protein based snacks, rather than sugar based – even fruit can do the trick. Once sweet cravings have set in, sugary carbohydrates will only make it worse.

Eating and living well doesn’t need to be a constant battle – if you follow these points you’ll find it easier and easier to push away the demand for instant gratification and you may even find your newfound willpower crossing over and into your workouts.


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Written By:

Kat Eden

Kat Eden
Kat Eden is a personal trainer and motivational health blogger from Melbourne, Australia.

You can connect with Kat over at her blog www.bodyincredible.com, where she offers regular nutrition and lifestyle tips for health, motivation, and weight loss.


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