Top 5 Ways to Improve Posture

Top 5 Ways to Better your bad Posture


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5. Yoga

Improving Posture for Exactly 6000 Years !Yoga

You can find yoga in any gym in America and there are yoga studios popping up seemingly on every corner these days.

Yoga has many benefits one being improving posture by increasing overall flexibility.

Yoga is one of the top 5 ways to improve your posture but it should be noted that if you suffer from severely bad posture, yoga may not be the best way to improve it.

Since yoga stretches muscles all around your body it is not specific to your problem areas.

If you have okay or good posture, yoga is a great way to improve your posture but if you already have bad posture, yoga may is not the best way to try to solve your posture problems.

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4. Get Proper Footwear

Improve Your Posture from the Ground UpProper Footwear can Help Improve your Posture

Posture is all about repetitive motion. While repetitive motion for some is walking to the fridge to grab some snacks many people also walk and run.

Ask any podiatrist and they will tell you proper footwear is essential to good static and dynamic posture.

If your body is out of alignment due to a multitude of foot misalignments your cardio exercise program could actually be doing more harm than good to your posture.

It is essential to get proper footwear which keeps your joints in alignment while your perform full body repetitive motions.

Very common postural issues which proper footwear can correct or help are flat feet, over pronation, and more.


3. Proper Ergonomics

The Comfortable Way to Improve PostureProper Ergonomics

If you have been working in an office for any considerable length of time you already know the importance of proper ergonomics.

Whether you spend most of your day sitting in front of your desk or lounge for hours on the couch, proper ergonomics are essential for not only preventing but improving your posture.

Most companies bring in ergonomic specialists into the office. If you have access, make sure you take advantage of this valuable service.

If you are simply looking to improve your posture you should be conscious of the way you are sitting, laying or moving for activities of extended periods of time.

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2. Avoid Excessive Repetitive Motion

Running and Everything in ModerationEverything in Moderation

Everyone knows that running, bicycling, climbing, weight lifting, boating and other forms of physical activity are good for.

Not everybody knows that excessive repetitive motion can cause problems posture by creating muscle imbalances.

Often times people fall in love with their physical activity or simply establish a routine after they get used to it.

Cross training is the key to avoiding any posture problems associated with repetitive motions. If you run for your cardio exercise, make sure to take a break and change it up. Your options are endless.

Weight training is also something in which excessive repetitive motion can cause issues with posture. Make sure you know what you're doing and have a balanced exercise program.

Whether at work or exercising, avoiding excessive repetitive motion is one the top 5 ways to improve posture and prevent posture problems.

Learn How Repetitive Motion Can Cause Your Muscles to Get Out of Balance


1. Physical Activity

Have you Heard of the SAID Principle?Physical Activity

The SAID principle says it all. Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands. Your body will adapt to whatever you put it through.

Whether you have posture problems, or are simply looking to prevent them, the right exercise program can improve your posture better than anything else.

The most important thing is to know which physical activity to avoid. If you avoid the very few physical activities which will worsen your posture, everything else can be on the table to create a fun and balanced fitness program.

If you already have posture problems you can also attack the problem muscles with specific exercises and stretches which make physical activity the best of the top 5 ways to improve posture.

Always keep the SAID principle in mind when you make your exercise selection and you should be a able to improve your posture with physical activity.


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