Use Twitter to Get FitTop 5 ways to use Twitter for Health and Fitness

5 Best ways to use Twitter to Improve your Fitness, Lose Weight and be Healthy


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5. Follow Inspirational People

Coincidence that Lance Armstrong is one of the Most Followed people on Twitter?Lance Armstrong uses Twitter Regularly

You likely already know that Lance Armstrong has written one of the most motivational, and inspirational books of all time. Sure his legacy has been tainted from his doping, though the book was still a huge success at motivating people all over the world.

What you may not know is Lance Armstrong is an avid Twitterer!

Lance is followed by over 700,000 people because he is a source of fitness motivation amongst other things.

Follow people on Twitter who will inspire you to either exercise harder, eat better, workout more often or simply lead a healthier lifestyle.

Follow Lance Armstrong on Twitter



4. Tweet About your Diet and Food Intake

Like Anybody Really Cares ?What should I eat Right Now?

You'd be surprised!  Twitter is currently the hottest social network or micro-blogging network on the internet.

Tens of thousands of people are joining each week and even more people are starting to tweet regularly.

You may find some useful information from fellow Twitterers and some people may send you tweets of encouragement or even advice.

Even if you don't have too many followers, start tweeting regularly about your food intake. Just like a dietitian's first request of creating a food journal you will start being more aware of the good and bad choices you make at the dinner table which could translate to not only a slimmer waist, but better overall health.

Twitter Personal Trainer Article



3. Join a Twitter Fitness Social Community

Are your so-called Friends Holding your Back ?Twit Fitter Social Community

If you have tried to organize your friends with Twitter, email or even old fashioned talking face to face and nothing has gotten done why not find new "friends?"

In this era most people have more virtual, social network "friends" than people hang out with so why not find some "friends" who will benefit your health and fitness?

TwitFitter is a new, rapidly growing social network which is centered around (go figure) fitness and twitter. Join today for free and find some friends who will help you use the top 5 ways to use twitter for health and fitness for your benefit.


2.    Have Your Personal Trainer Tweet

A Few Hours with your Trainer a Week is Not Enough !Personal Trainer Yelling

If you are a personal trainer, have worked with a personal trainer in the past, or would consider working with a personal trainer you should know that the actual training sessions are only a small part of the whole picture.

The toughest job for a personal trainer is to keep their clients accountable for diet and extra exercise (usually cardio) during the week.

This job can be made a lot easier by Twitter. If you are tweeting about your diet and exercise with your trainer monitoring your regular updates of "what are you doing ?" you will be less likely to cheat on meals and skip your exercise sessions.

If you have a personal trainer, show them the light and urge them to get on the Twitter train and start tweeting. If you don't have a personal trainer you can always...


1. Connect with Friends for Group Activities

The More the Merrier !Tweet your Running Sessions

Exercising in groups has many advantages over exercising alone.

By exercising with a group you are less likely to skip out. You are more likely to exercise longer and most importantly you are more likely to have fun.

By using Twitter and encouraging friends to tweet regularly, it will be easier to get in on activities with your friends.

If you don't have anything planned in advance, check your twitter updates and the chances you can find a friend going for a hike, run, bicycle ride, or trip to the gym is likely and you are more likely to get a great workout and enjoy doing so which in the long run will be the best of the top 5 ways to use Twitter for health and fitness.

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