Top 5 Workout Routine Tips

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Workout Routine


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5. Write EVERYTHING Down !Write Everything Down!

So Easy and Effective you have No Excuse Not to Write it Down

Writing things down in a journal is a very simple yet often neglected piece of advice which is given by a variety of professionals ranging from personal trainers to dieticians, doctors and psychologists.

Even if your brain was able to remember everything you have ever did, it is not going to be confidently organized.

Logging your diet and training will help you recognize and avoid mistakes as well as learn from your conscious and sub-conscious decisions.

Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you write things down you will far less likely to make the same mistake twice.

Finding the best workout routine for you is all about the process of elimination in which a workout/nutrition journal helps drastically by helping you recognize the mistakes you have made and avoid them.



4.  Take a BreakTake a Break to Avoid Overtraining

Results are Achieved when you are Not Exercising

A common misconception is the belief that you make your gains while you work out.

The thought that you lose 2 pounds of fat during a single workout sounds nice but it is not true.

Your body changes while you work, sleep at night, and even when you watch TV provided your supply your body with the stimulus of training and a proper nutrition program.

Brazil is VERY FUNOvertraining is not a common problem but it does happen. Your body needs breaks especially if you train hard for long periods of time. If you stick to your workout program long enough religiously you will eventually need a break.

If you would consider yourself trained, meaning you have been involved in a workout routine for weeks or months, it takes a little over a week for detraining effects to take place.

I.e. you can take a week vacation with absolutely no exercise and not lose any strength, endurance or stamina, provided you keep the caipirinhas consumption at the minimum.



3. Change it UpChange Things up Frequently

Don't be Afraid to try Something New

Just having a workout routine may be a difficult task in itself. Having a successful workout routine may be another issue.

Your body does many things well and what it does very well is adapts to stress. If you consistently perform the same activities at the same intensities you are destined for plateau.

Make sure you keep the most important exercises in your workout routine as well as the exercises you really enjoy doing, but it is fair game to change everything else.

Change your sets, reps, rest in between sets, tempo and time you train and exercise selection every so often so you will continue to get results and avoid plateau.



2. Seek Professional HelpOrder a Personal Workout Program

Stop using the Workout Routines of Others

There are "workouts" in every single fitness magazine and website which claim to be "toning, muscle building, or fat burning.'

The question is for who?  Were they designed for a 6'5" bodybuilder who weighs 250 pounds?  Were they designed for a 5'11" 98 pound supermodel?

It is anybody's guess who they were designed for but you know for a fact they were not designed with you in mind.

The most important aspect of a successful workout routine is how well it fits your current fitness level and goals.

A successful workout routine takes a progressive approach and is designed to achieve your goal safely, efficiently and effectively.

You have 2 options. You can spend hours to study and learn the science behind a great workout routine and go through weeks, months and years of trial and error to find the right workout routine which will give you what you want.

Your second option is to seek professional help. You can head to your local gym and consult with a personal trainer or you can look into a personal workout plan from an online personal trainer.



1. Nutrition, Nutrition, NutritionNutrition Program

If Your your Workout Routine was a Basketball Game, your Nutrition would be Represented as your 4 Teammates

Do you think you could win the game without the the help of your 4 teammates?  What if your 4 teammates were even trying to help you lose?

If you have a bad diet, it will be analogous to your teammates working against you.

This situation is very common with people who exercise. Even if you have the greatest workout routine of all time, without proper nutrition you will not get optimal results.

The importance of nutrition cannot be underestimated.

Proper nutrition goes hand in hand with a successful workout routine which means with proper nutrition you will achieve your desired results in the shortest, safest amount of time.


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