Top 5 Worst People in the Gym

5 Reasons Not to go to Your Local Gym;  The Most Annoying Gym Goers


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5. Over Grunters

Making Light Weights Sound Heavy

Every experienced weight lifter knows that sometimes during that last couple reps of a heavy set grunting is natural.

Some people take a little further and make the 1st repetition of a 15 repetition set sound like it's their maximum lift.

Some of these over grunters make loud scary noises and some make completely annoying noises but they remain the same in they are one of the top 5 worst people in the gym.

What to do to Avoid Over Grunters

fitness tech gadgets ipod nanoIf someone is too loud you can either move away from them or try to block out their primordial screams. You may want to consider Planet Fitness a gym chain famous for not allowing grunting.

Never has your iPod been a better friend. Turn it up load though, some over grunters are known to be heard even outside of a gym.

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4. CampersPeople Camping out on Equipment

Because Everyone Should be at the Gym for 4 Hours

You have little time to complete the short workout you squeeze in every morning before work.

What makes it difficult to fit in is the campers who seemingly inhabit gym equipment for hours on end.

These campers are people who not only use the gym equipment but camp out on it while they are resting.

Most likely they will be resting for 2 or 3 times longer than they will be exercising and will give you a dirty look when you stare at them or Ask them to "work in" on their campsite.

What to do to Avoid Campers

Find Exercise VideosFortunately most of the time there is an alternative exercise to take the place of the camper dominated equipment. Find another exercise and go away from these angry campers as they are usually a combination of all 5 on this list.

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3. Mr. Obvious StarePeople who are Obviously Staring

He Really Thinks You Can't See Him Staring

Remember when you were a child and you thought when you would close or cover your eyes, no one else could see you? Well, Mr. Obvious Stare either thinks or doesn't care that you don't notice his neck is cranked in your direction and his  yes are popping out of his head.

Because many gyms will also pass for a 'house of mirrors' Mr. Obvious Stare has the upper hand as they could be staring at any one of the many reflections of you. Regardless of what Mr. or Mrs. Obvious Stare is doing in the gym, their eyes are glued to someone else.

What to do to Avoid Mr. Obvious Stare

Richard SimmonsFocus, Focus, Focus. If you are a female working out it is probably best to avoid the hottest item on this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and men avoid looking like an entrant to the Richard Simmons look-alike contest.

If you feel you are being stared at make sure you know exactly what you are doing and focus on your workout.

If you are working out hard enough you will be more concerned with your body's response to the workout and less with whoever has fixated their eyes on you.


2. Capitan StinkyStinky People in the Gym

DEODORANT! Helping People Not Stink since 1945

One of the most disgusting and unavoidable things is horrendous body odor.

While your average gym is not going to smell like roses, some people do their best to make the smell interrupt your hard workout.

Capitan stinky can come in many forms, female or male, young or old.

While the Neanderthal Capitan stinky tends to let their natural body odors burn your nose hairs, the metro sexual Capitan stinky likes to put on a couple cans of Tag body spray before their workouts to make it hard to breathe around them.

What to do to Avoid Capitan Stinky

DeodorantUnfortunately Capitan Stinky very hard to avoid. A clothespin on your nose may send a message to any foul smelling gym goers but your options are thin, because holding your breath for 30 minutes on a cardio machine is not an option.

The only real option is to move away from the Capitan stinky and hope you do not run into another Capitan Stinky on the other side of the gym.

Anything Less Would be Uncivilized


1. Inconsiderate SweatersSweaty Gym People who Leave it Everywhere SUCK

Making their Best Effort to Turn the Gym into an Indoor Swimming Pool

Much like the previous entries on the top 5 worst people in the gym these people are seriously inconsiderate.

Nobody who has ever been to a gym has a problem with people sweating.

The problem is when people act like other people enjoy bathing in their perspiration.

People who leave their sweat everywhere from weight benches, to cardio machines and neglect to clean it off are the worst people in the gym and hopefully will not deter you from a rewarding gym experience.

How to Avoid Inconsiderate Sweaters

SweatbandsThere is a chance that these people simply forgot to wipe down their equipment so you could always politely Ask Ask them to clean off their own equipment.

Your gym may actually be at fault not having the necessary cleaning supplies so you may also want to Ask the gym manager why there is nothing to wipe sweat off of the equipment. When all else fails you can always...

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