Worst 5 Fitness Habits of All Time

What a Waste of Time and Effort!
--By Jason Spencner

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5. Lack of Respect for the Science of FitnessExercise Science

This bad habit is the most interesting because most are not consciously aware of it.

It is not as if we do it purposely, but still it is probably a greater obstacle to our health success than any of the others.

It is the reason for the other 4 of the worst 5 fitness habits of all time as well as the reason behind that we undervalue certain aspects of our health and fitness.

 It is the reason for all of this because if we don’t accept fitness as a science, we are ignorant as to just how involved a process it is.

It takes structure, organization, timing, and manipulation of a large variety of variables to be done the right way. Once this fact is understood, it can be so much easier to allow ourselves the patience and work ethic necessary to succeed.


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4. Being Way too Impatient

ImpatienceYou are setting yourself up for failure if you go into your fitness endeavors with a quick and easy mentality.

Wherever it is that you want to get to with your health and fitness, will not be seen quickly and most definitely not easily.

The body is too complicated, and the path to fitness involves too many avenues for you to just be able to snap your fingers and get what you want.









3. Keeping it ComfortableKeeping it Comfortable

This is highly related to #2 on the list. You can’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and push yourself.

Don’t run away from the challenge of fitness, because a CHALLENGE is exactly what it has to be.

There is no other way around it. To improve your health and fitness there needs to be a stimulus presented consistently to your body that it isn’t used to.

That is difficult for it. Your body will naturally attempt to adjust to the activity, and in doing that it has no choice but to improve..

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2. Going through "The Motions"

Looking like you’re doing is not the same as doing, and quite frankly, your body is not going to be fooled. Your body will improve if you MAKE it improve. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourself.

Let’s stop being satisfied just with the fact that we’ve “done something".

Stop allowing yourself to just be happy that you have that gym membership or telling yourself “good job” just because you went to the gym and sat on a few machines.


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1. Taking the Easy Way Out

taking the easy way out

Don’t get me wrong. Your diet and eating habits are hugely important in terms of successful fat loss, muscle tone, energy, cardiovascular health, et cetera, but as a compliment to physical activity.

The reason being, is that even if you are perfect in the way you eat and adopt the best habits, you are still doing very little to improve those fitness aspects I just mentioned. Your nutritional habits are very important in influencing and changing those health characteristics, but they aren’t the initial factor that DICTATES those characteristics.

What does that is strength and cardiovascular exercise. Physically training is what revs up your metabolism to where it needs to be for you to burn all that fat. Cardiovascular activity and weight training are what maximize the function of your system and provide you with the appropriate muscle tone needed to sustain your metabolism and fat burning power.

Overestimating the effectiveness of your diet habits is the easy thing to do because it requires very little physical effort to eat well. Just simply eating well on its own may prevent weight gain and cause a minimal amount of early weight loss, but what it also does is allow your metabolism to just adjust itself to that particular habit without needing to improve.

METABOLISM and how it is controlled through exercise should be the source of attack. How can you expect to improve the way the car works without improving its engine?


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