Worst 5 New Years Resolutions

Worst 5 Health Related New Years Resolutions

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5. Exercise Every DayEvery Day Planner

Think you can go from Zero to Hero ?

New Year's resolutions should be New Years solutions. If you are making it your resolution to exercise every day it is more than likely that you are at a sedentary physical activity level.

Asking too much from yourself is the number 1 reason why people tend to give up and fail to stick with their New Year's resolutions.


Suitable Solution to the 5th Worst New Years Resolution

Life is usually to busy and unpredictable to plan something every single day.

What you can do is analyze your schedule and set aside the times during the week which you are 100% sure you can set aside some free time for exercise and start from there.



4. Buy the Newest Fitness GimmickWorst Fitness Gimmick of All Time

Spend your Hard Earned Money Elsewhere

You feel out of shape and unhealthy from eating large dinners and dessert and maybe a few too many glasses of eggnog.

While late night infomercials may seem like your New Year's solution at the time, they mostly are nothing more than a flash in the pan gimmick.

Fitness gimmicks will help you lose inches on your wallet not your waistline.


Suitable Solution to the 4th Worst New Years Resolution

Educate yourself about the most valuable physical asset you have:  Your own body. By learning simple facts about your body and how it functions it is easy to spot a fitness gimmick from something which can actually help you accomplish your fitness goals and stick with your New Year's resolutions.

Here Are Some of the Ultimate Worst Fitness Gimmicks




3. No More CarbsWhole Grain Carbohydrate Sources

Elimination Carbs Eliminates your Chances for Success

If your New Year's resolution has anything to do with living a satisfying and healthy life carbohydrates play a very important part.

Carbohydrates supply your body with the needed fuel for the intense exercise you need to sculpt your body to its desired shape.

Without sufficient carbs your body will be low on energy and your exercise will not be intense enough to accomplish your fitness goals.

Most importantly, your brain which is fueled with glucose (blood sugar). If you eliminate carbs from your diet your brain will suffer and we all know that your body does what your brain tells it so do not eliminate carbs from your diet.


Suitable Solution to the 3rd Worst New Years Resolution

Instead of eliminating an important nutrient from your diet, stick with whole grain, complex carbohydrates. Learn the difference between "good carbohydrates" which are usually high in fiber and low in simple sugars and "bad carbohydrates" which are usually devoid of fiber and processed.

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2. Take the Newest Diet PillsAnother Supplement which Hasn't Worked for Oprah

If it Worked for Oprah ...

Like fitness gimmicks which are marketed to be the miracle cure to your flabby thighs or mid-section diet pills are nothing more than a short term gimmick.

The active ingredient in 99% of diet pills is caffeine and your body will develop a tolerance to the world's most popular drug.

In high doses caffeine can cause problems and prolonged use of diet pills has been known to have long-term metabolism lowering effects.


Suitable Solution to the 2nd Worst New Years Resolution

Look into supplements which can help you for the long term. Since there has NEVER ever been a magic pill you should use supplements for what they are... Supplements.

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1. Going on a DietScrounging for Food while on a Diet

C'mon Folks, Has this Ever Worked ?

The word diet has been synonymous with short term radical change of one's eating habits especially for New Year's resolutions.

Like the aforementioned fitness gimmicks and diet pills, fad diets almost never work for the long term.

If your goal for this upcoming year is achieve something which you can maintain for the entire year, "going on a diet" is the worst New Years Resolution.


Suitable Solution to the Worst New Years Resolution

Educating yourself about the simple facts about healthy eating and nutrition should be your first priority. By learning the ins and outs of healthy eating you will be able to stay in tremendous shape and good health year round and not worry about making silly New Years Resolutions.

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