Worst 5 Shocking Cases of Poor Gym EtiquetteWorst 5 Shocking cases of Poor Gym Etiquette

Worst 5 Examples of Shockingly Poor Gym Etiquette from all around the World in the Life of a Personal Trainer

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5. Mrs. Silicone

Doesn't Like when People StareExcess Cleavage

Small Town USA

Most everyone who works out wants to look good and Mrs. Silicone was no different.

Mrs. Silicone decided that for every visit to the gym she would wear the most revealing outfit possible.

Miss Silicone would always find a mirror in the weight room to perform her aerobics class-like exercises in front of all the weight lifters.

While everyone looks at themselves in the mirror while working out Mrs. Silicone wasn't in front of a mirror to look at her self.


Shockingly Poor Gym Etiquette Demonstrated by Mrs. Silicone

Mrs. Silicone had the poor gym etiquette to complain literally every day to the fitness manager about the other members who were staring at her. She could have decided to show less skin and do her dance steps in the aerobics room rather than the weight room but not, Mrs. Silicone had to draw attention to herself so she could complain to management every single day.



4. Mr. Fabio Wedge

Likes when People Stare!Fabio Wedge

Bangkok Thailand

At a tiny gym in the so-called "backpacker's ghetto" Khaosan Road in Bangkok I met Fabio Wedge.

Mr. Wedge had long flowing locks and gave away his Italian heritage with the Italy tanktop.

Mr. Wedge also gave away his working out style from the outset which was the "look at me, look at me" kind of style posing and flexing in the mirror.

Mr. Wedge was in good shape but by no means a professional or even amateur bodybuilder but that didn't matter to Mr. Wedge.


Shockingly Poor Gym Etiquette Demonstrated by Mr. Fabio Wedge

It is besides the point but Mr. Wedge didn't believe in any form of deodorant or even showers for that matter. The small gym reeked of Fabio's odors but that was just the beginning.

As Fabio's workout progressed so did his lack skin covering clothes. It was slightly unusual for a guy to rip his shirt off Hulk Hogan style in the gym but what came next was shocking.

Mr. Wedge's shirtless flexing in gym shorts wasn't good enough. Fabio proceeded to take off his gym shorts to reveal what I only know to be referred to as "Tidy Whitees."  After removing the gym shorts Fabio did what anyone would do, he pulled as much of his underwear he could in his crack and flexed in the mirror.

The mirror was not enough for Mr. Wedge. Fabio then began asking other people working out in the gym to check out his "glute definition."  Lifting weights with Metalica blaring in my headphones I was caught off guard by Mr. Wedge who came up to me and basically stuck his rear end in my face as I rested in between sets.


3. Mr. Quack Knowitallquack chiro

Small Town USA

Mr. Knowitall was your typical middle aged gym member of the local athletic club. At around 6'2" and 240 pounds Mr. Knowitall was in decent shape with the exception of the ginormous beer gut.

Mr. Knowitall is the same guy that exists in most gyms (probably exists in your gym) that knows everything and makes it his purpose to let everyone know about it.

Quack Knowitall would walk around the gym and talk to people 75% of the time while working out 25% of the time.


Shockingly Poor Gym Etiquette Demonstrated by Mr. Quack Knowitall

Mr. Knowitall would walk around the gym and interrupt personal training sessions on a regular basis and was already known by management as a problematic gym member. Mr. Knowitall was not a health professional of any kind so when he started walking up to gym members who were working out and telling them they need chiropractic adjustments something had to be done.

The fitness manager and the club's general manager warned Mr. Knowitall his antics were against club policy not to mention gym etiquette. When Mr. Knowitall continued his on the floor chiro quackery he was relieved of his membership which resulted in a shouting match that every gym member and employee will remember for a lifetime.


2. Mr. Sprinkler

Thinks his Sweat is a Gift from God

San Francisco, California

Sweating is a part of working out but its always proper gym etiquette to keep it to yourself.

Mr. Sprinkler decided that his sweat was a treasure for everyone around him and it should not be moved.


Poor Gym Etiquette Demonstrated by Mr. Sprinkler Man

I only saw Mr. Sprinkler a couple of times while in the gym but I saw the evidence of Mr. Sprinkler numerous times. In a crowded 24 hour fitness chain gym the cardio bikes are no further apart than a few feet.

Mr. Sprinkler would exercise on one bike but his sweat would literally sprinkle onto the bikes on either side as well as accumulate in puddles besides the bike he was exercising on. Mr. Sprinkler thought it was best for others to leave his sweat alone making 3 machines unusable by anyone who wasn't a Mr. Sprinkler fan.


1. Mr. Schick Gillette

Doesn't believe in Gym Etiquette, Sanitation, or Human Decency Shaving in Hot Tub

South San Francisco, CA

Mr. Schick Gillette has no background story.

Mr. Schick Gillette has no rivals for his shockingly poor gym etiquette.

Mr. Schick Gillette is the main reason why I personally do not use the hot tubs at the gym.


Poor Gym Etiquette Demonstrated by Mr. Schick Gillette

It was a late Monday morning at a smallish corporate fitness center which catered to clientele largely from a nearby biotech company. A usually slow time for the gym got a little busier when 3 or 4 members came up to the front desk to make a complaint.

Evidentially there was a man shaving in the hot tub. The employees who were just wrapping up the morning shift couldn't believe what they were hearing. Someone was actually shaving in the public hot tub, and while other members were in it nonetheless?

A small parade of the remaining employees accompanied the general club manager  to the male locker room where the hot tub was to see if someone was really shaving in the hot tub. When we arrived it was worse than we thought.

As we arrived to the hot tub partition of the male locker room we could see a sole guy in the hot tub but he didn't appear to be shaving from behind the steamed glass window. As we walked in and the manager asked the clean shaven Mr. Gillette if he saw anyone shaving in the hot tub he shook his head no.

Next the unthinkable happened. Mr. Gillette stood up in the hot tub razor in hand with a stupid look on his face. As the general manager started to question him he turned around to get out of the hot tub and there was blood dripping down his rear end!  Mr. Shick Gilette shaved all 4 of his cheeks in the public hot tub!

The aftermath:  The general manager who happened to be a really nice tolerant guy immediately to my surprise told Mr. Gillette to leave and not to let the door hit him in the (now smooth) ass on the way out!


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