Worst 6 Excuses to Not Exercise

Worst 6 Excuses for Missing a Workout

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Billy Blanks6. Nothing to Wear

Maybe you Can Borrow something from Billy Blanks ?

Exercise is all about movement. You move your body weight around with your large muscle groups, or you use your muscles to move weights around.

While active wear is important, not having that special full chest exposing tank top is no reason to miss those all important workouts.

This Just In:  Exercise in your favorite gym clothes burns just as much calories as exercise in your 2nd team, junior varsity clothes on the bottom of your closet.

Keep in mind that during the original Olympics, the participants all exercised naked. This is not a recommendation but it could motivate you to not worry about your exercise attire and get your butt to the gym.



Not in Good Enough Shape to hit Gym5.   Too Fat for the Gym

And the Gym is for What ?

This poor excuse for missing a workout relates to #6. The misbelief that you must be in shape to go to the gym goes along with the misbelief that everyone in the gym is in shape.

This misbelief goes back to the early days of corporate gyms around the 1970s. Back in the day gyms were far different than they are today.

Consider Gold's Gym was founded in 1965 and you can see that "gyms" as we know it have evolved rapidly over time.

Today there is a good mix of gym members from the morbidly obese to elite athletes and bodybuilders but the majority of gym members are people just like you. Do not make this pathetic excuse not to exercise. Get to the gym or you will be "too fat for the gym" forever.


Lost the Apple Ipod4. Lost the iPod

The Music in the Gym isn't THAT Bad...

Even if the Kenny G they play at your local gym is enough de-motivation to skip your gym visit it is still a very poor excuse to not workout.

It is very possible to exercise without your favorite music playlist. If you are used to exercising with your trusty iPod and you unfortunately lose it or your battery goes dead give exercise a try.

Change is good and exercising without an iPod for a change could help you get a better workout by allowing you to listen to and be more conscious about your body.

If you did lose your iPod you can always pick up a new one but if you miss a workout because of your iPod your body may never forgive you.

Apple iPod nano 8 GB Black


Too much Equipment means Confusion3. Don't Know what to Do

Focus on 1 thing at a Time

If you make the poor excuse that you don't know what to do for exercise you need some serious help.

You know how to walk and you know how to sit on a stationary bike and pedal. These 2 are enough to do all the working out you need.

Just because there are hundreds of machines at your local gym it does not mean you have to use them all.

If you don't think you know what to do, here is the solution. Get on a cardio machine, move your body, get you heart rate up and start thinking. If something doesn't come to mine in say 30-60 minutes, you can go home and think about what you are going to do next time.

If you really need help and want to learn how to use every piece of equipment in the gym, a personal trainer is the best option.


Snowed In2.   Bad Weather

The New Year's Resolution Killer

Just like tens of millions Americans start their health and fitness New Year's resolutions in January, tens of millions Americans make excuses not to exercise in February when the weather gets bad.

Bad weather is a terrible excuse not to exercise. Even if there is 7 feet of snow outside your door it does not give you the excuse to sit on the couch all day and watch the boob tube.

Suffer from seasonal depression?  There is no better cure than exercise and even if you are stuck at home due to a hurricane you can still get a great workout in with or without any exercise equipment.

If you make this excuse often, get on the floor right now and do 10 push-ups!

Exercises You Can do at Home with No Equipment


Barack Obama1. Have No Time

If Barack Obama has time to Exercise, YOU have Time to Exercise

In the time you just spent reading the first 5 worst 6 excuses not to exercise you could have been done with half of a challenging body weight workout at home!

The good thing about resistance training is you do not have to spend all day to benefit from it.

To demonstrate this, if you are ever cold, get on the floor and do as many push-ups as you can. Time how long it takes for you to get cold again!

Resistance training raises your metabolism and the short term elevation in body heat from push-ups are just a simple example. Saying you have no time is ludicrous because every little bit counts.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day. If you can do 30 push-ups in a minute and spend 5 minutes a day doing them, that is 150 push-ups which is a little bit but it still counts.

You do not have to spend 3 hours or even 30 minutes in the gym to benefit from exercise. If you make the excuse that you have no time to miss your exercise sessions, you likely need to learn how to make the most of your time.

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